Welcome to Real Estate Business Explained, a show where I share insights into what it really looks like to run your own real estate business. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m Sean and as a real estate coach and trainer, I have seen it all over the last decade or so and now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Whether you’re a new agent, a seasoned agent or somewhere in between, I feel confident that you’ll get exactly what you need from the show, so let’s get into it.

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Monday Mar 04, 2024

In this episode, Sean discusses how to achieve a six-figure income in real estate. He emphasizes the common desire among new real estate agents to make $100,000 and the importance of meeting this income goal to sustain a good lifestyle. Sean provides three main areas of focus to reach the six-figure mark: getting serious about leads, getting organized with time and leads, and getting serious about time. He highlights the need for multiple lead sources, including the sphere of influence, referral marketing, and prospecting. Sean also emphasizes the importance of discipline and time management in achieving success in real estate.
To achieve a six-figure income in real estate, it is important to have multiple lead sources, including the sphere of influence, referral marketing, and prospecting.
Organize your leads and contacts using a CRM or database, categorizing them based on potential business and setting due dates for follow-ups.
Develop discipline and prioritize your time, focusing on the key activities that generate income, such as script and role play, lead generation, lead follow-up, attending appointments, and negotiating contracts.
Long-term commitment and building a successful business require discipline, organization, and a focus on income-generating activities.
00:00 Introduction: The Desire for Six Figures in Real Estate
02:24 Chapter 1: Getting Serious About Leads
07:05 Chapter 2: Getting Organized with Time and Leads
11:20 Chapter 3: Getting Serious About Time
14:41 Conclusion: Long-Term Commitment and Building a Successful Business

Monday Feb 26, 2024

This podcast episode provides a plan for new real estate agents to make their first $50,000 in the business. Sean discusses the challenges faced by new agents and emphasizes the importance of focusing on activities that generate clients. The three main steps outlined in the plan are: getting in touch with people in the agent's network, getting organized with a marketing campaign, and consistently generating leads. 
New real estate agents should prioritize activities that generate clients
Building and maintaining a database of contacts is crucial
Consistent marketing efforts and lead generation are necessary for success
Further steps and strategies will be discussed in future episodes
00:00 Introduction and Challenges for New Real Estate Agents
01:21 Step 1: Get in Touch with Your People
08:20 Step 3: Feed the Monster
12:12 Building an Ongoing Marketing Campaign
15:30 Generating Leads and Marketing Yourself

Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

This episode focuses on how to launch a new hire and create a structure for their success. It emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations, creating a rhythm and structure, and managing standards. The episode also discusses the potential for failure and the need to be firm with new hires. It concludes by highlighting the benefits of having a structured approach and the importance of attracting the right talent to the team.
Setting clear expectations and holding new hires accountable is crucial for their success.
Creating a structured rhythm and check-in system helps keep new hires on track.
Managing standards and holding everyone to the same expectations is essential for team cohesion.
Unlocking access to resources and opportunities is based on new hires meeting expectations and contributing to the team.
00:00 Introduction
00:37 The Value of Hiring
02:01 Setting Clear Expectations
03:01 The Workforce Mentality
04:21 Accepting Potential Failure
05:19 Evaluating New Hires
06:18 Resetting Expectations
07:17 Creating Structure
09:13 Frequent Check-ins
11:03 Structured One-on-One Time
12:00 Group Opportunities
13:55 Long-Term Structure
14:53 Structured Check-ins
15:53 Managing Standards
16:46 Unlocking Access
18:13 Sinking or Swimming
19:36 Continuing the Structure

Monday Feb 12, 2024

In this episode, Sean discusses hiring contracts and their critical components and the need for written agreements to protect oneself from potential issues that may arise in business relationships. The eight must-have terms in agreements are then outlined, including database clauses, probationary periods, exclusivity, confidentiality, termination, indemnity, promotion and slander, and expectations and standards.
00:00 Introduction: Importance of Contracts in Business
01:00 The Need for Written Agreements
02:25 The Eight Must-Have Terms in Agreements
03:23 Chapter 1: Don't Steal
05:41 Chapter 2: Probationary Period
09:57 Chapter 3: Exclusivity
11:16 Chapter 4: Confidentiality
13:43 Chapter 5: Termination Clause
15:05 Chapter 6: Indemnity Clause
16:31 Chapter 7: Promotion and Slander
18:55 Chapter 8: Expectations and Standards
"Crimson Fly" by Huma Huma Youtube Audio Library No Copyright Sounds Music without limitations

Monday Feb 05, 2024

Episode 44: The Interview Process
In this episode, Sean discusses the importance of choosing the right team members and shares his five-step hiring process. He emphasizes the significance of spending time and effort in selecting the best person for the role.
The five steps include a screening call, personality assessment, career story and thought process interview, references, and setting expectations and motivation. Sean highlights the need to exit candidates early if they are not a fit and to be clear about expectations and motivations from the start.
-Choosing the right team members is crucial for building a successful business.
-The five-step hiring process includes a screening call, personality assessment, career story and thought process interview, references, and setting expectations and motivation.
-Spending time and effort in the hiring process is essential to ensure the best possible person for the role.
-Exiting candidates early if they are not a fit and setting clear expectations and motivations from the start are important for success.
00:00 The Importance of Choosing the Right Team Members
03:20 The Five-Step Hiring Process
05:17 Step 1: Screening Call
11:32 Step 2: Personality Assessment
16:25 Step 3: Career Story and Thought Process Interview
22:08 Step 4: References
27:28 Step 5: Setting Expectations and Motivation
Music Credit: "Crimson Fly" by Huma Huma Youtube Audio Library No Copyright Sounds Music without limitations

Monday Jan 29, 2024

In this podcast, Sean discusses the challenges of hiring the right people and building a successful team. We highlight the importance of finding the right person and how it can positively impact a business.
We share insights on creating a plan to attract the right people using strategies like prospecting and marketing. Consideration of skills, personality, and values is crucial when hiring. We provide tips on using social media and job ads to attract talent and automate the screening process. We also discuss options like HR consultants and headhunters, though they can be more expensive.
Lastly, we explore unique situations for hiring, like considering friends, family, and partners. The key takeaways include the importance of hiring for business growth, the impact of the right person on success, and various strategies for effective recruitment.
Music Credit: "Crimson Fly" by Huma Huma Youtube Audio Library No Copyright Sounds Music without limitations

Monday Jan 22, 2024

In this episode, Sean Provencher discusses the importance of setting standards, goals, and expectations when hiring someone. He emphasizes the need for clarity and communication in order to ensure a successful working relationship.
We discuss examples of setting standards and goals for new hires, both for administrative roles and real estate agents. He also highlights the importance of probationary periods and making judgment calls based on performance.
Finally, we discuss the significance of setting expectations for how to win, how to lose, and how to have difficult conversations.

Monday Jan 15, 2024

In this episode, we take a comprehensive look at the hiring process, from start to finish in strategic planning and attracting the right talent.
We'll cover the various compensation models, exploring different methods of employment, and the importance of a robust mission, vision, and values.
Get clear insights on role overview documents, a comprehensive guide to the kind of talent sought, success parameters, and alignment with the company's broader objectives.
This is a must-listen for those seeking a detailed roadmap to a refined and efficient hiring journey.

Friday Jan 12, 2024

This episode is all about how to pay your workers. Hey, listeners, it's time to think different! Paying workers isn't only about a set pay. There's space to do things your own way, different from how it's usually done. This episode helps anyone looking to build a solid team and do well in real estate. It gives you handy pointers on hiring people, paying them, and making your business your own.

Saturday Dec 16, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the diverse world of workforce management, exploring mindset shifts, commitment levels, and how the right person can transform your trajectory.
It's not black and white—navigate the options from fee-for-service to virtual teams. Learn the art of team-building, risk management, and the secrets to turning part-time commitments into full-time success.
Tune in and revolutionize your approach to leadership!
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